Used Pipelayers for Sale in OK & TX

Heavy-duty pipeline construction jobs call for high-quality equipment you can rely on. At Warren CAT, we offer used pipelayers at our Oklahoma and Texas locations. Our used pipeline equipment includes options from a variety of manufacturers, including Caterpillar and other industry-leading brands.

We prioritize the safety and performance of your pipeline projects and strive to help you find a solution that meets your project demands.

For questions about our used pipelayer inventory, contact us online or call 866-292-7736.

Cut Costs With Used Pipelayer Equipment

Pipelines play an important role in oil, gas and utility applications. If you're moving or laying pipes, one of the most effective pieces of equipment for the job is a pipelayer. This machine is big and strong enough to lift and lower pipes of all sizes. Many pipelayers are also designed to handle all types of terrain so that no matter where the project takes place, your operators can navigate the job site with ease.

Warren CAT offers a variety of used Cat® pipelayers to support large industrial processes. Our pipelayers are serviceable and long-lasting, helping you get the most return on investment. If you're looking for a specific model or manufacturing year, we may have just the piece of equipment you need.

As an added bonus, we often have Cat Certified Used pipelayers that are inspected and maintained to higher standards. You can count on our Cat Certified Used options to deliver top performance. Over time, you'll maximize your return on investment with our high-quality pipelayers.

Why Choose Warren CAT for Your Pipeline Applications?

Buying used pipeline equipment can be an economical option for your business, especially if you need to replace a model that's hard to find or you're looking for a certain set of specifications. Used Cat pipelayers are durable and powerful and can last a long time if treated with proper care and routine maintenance. You can use pre-owned equipment for as long as you need, and in many cases, resell it for a high value.

When you partner with Warren CAT, you can enjoy less risk, greater value and reduced operational costs. Your pipeline applications can benefit from the availability of our used equipment and our unique benefits, including:

  • A broad selection of equipment with various specifications
  • Flexible financing opportunities
  • Inspection and maintenance services
  • A variety of Cat replacement parts
  • 24/7 availability for emergency service requests

We pride ourselves on the reliability and efficiency of our used equipment options. You can lower upfront costs by searching for used pipelayers and other types of equipment as they become available in our inventory.

Contact Warren CAT to Learn More About Used Pipelayers

We can support your pipeline projects in Oklahoma and Texas with used Cat pipelayers of all models and operating specifications. If you don't see the piece of equipment you're looking for, we'll be happy to help you find a solution.

For questions about our used pipelayer inventory, contact us online or call 866-292-7736.

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