Remote Asset Monitoring

Remote Asset Monitoring For Electric Power

Cat® Connect Remote Asset Monitoring (RAM) for electric power systems combines the power of your electrical power generation equipment with the power of technology, data and services to help you achieve and maintain successful operation. RAM gives you the customized data you need to identify and resolve problems intelligently, quickly and efficiently.

As business operations and requirements become more complex, there is an ever-increasing need to control costs while doing more with less. With those challenges, the ability to monitor electric power generation equipment remotely becomes critical to gaining more efficiencies and working smarter. This is where Remote Asset Monitoring steps in to help bridge the gap, leveraging modern connected technologies for monitoring, managing and enhancing system operations, resulting in greater insight and control over work sites.

  • Text and email notifications of system status
  • Low fuel warnings and real-time fuel levels
  • Battery voltage and trends to see problems before a failure occurs
  • Utility power off/power restored status
  • Tampering and unauthorized activity notifications
  • Ability to remotely operate the generator
  • Remote diagnosis and ability to clear alarms

In the office, on the go or at home, take comfort in knowing exactly what is happening at any moment with your power system equipment.

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Control Costs and Improve Performance With RAM

Performance Monitoring and Insights
RAM brings all your fleet data together into a single, online platform for a comprehensive overview of fleet performance. Ensure individual units are properly loaded and the optimum number of units are online to meet power requirements while monitoring run hours and fuel consumption to keep usage across your fleet consistent. Equipment data can also be leveraged to identify and eliminate duplicated or inefficient practices for improving operational processes.

RAM also provides extensive record-keeping, automatically aggregating data on equipment history, component life and operating costs. This data can help identify high-cost or problem areas and control expenses. Regular daily monitoring can also identify training opportunities and operating improvements due to practices that may be impacting performance and component wear, affecting your bottom line.

Electronic Alerts For Real-Time Support
The use of electronic alerts can help maintain peak power system performance, bringing timely awareness to problems that may reduce fuel efficiency or reliability. Electronic alerts also provide peace of mind knowing that simple problems won’t prevent a generator set from starting and picking up rated load when needed, while ensuring assets are ready to run and perform when required.

With alerts and diagnostic information sent to offsite experts, unnecessary onsite visits by technical staff can be reduced or eliminated, decreasing labor costs while operators are enabled to take quick action. This helps prevent extended downtime and major failures, reducing the risk to your business. Especially when dealing with limited resources, understanding which equipment needs attention can help you make informed decisions at the right time and with the right capabilities, to keep focus on operational priorities.

Preventative Maintenance and Planned Services
Keeping up with preventive maintenance is the single best way to avoid major equipment failures. Take advantage of electronic data, alerts and records to schedule and complete all recommended maintenance and service on your electrical power generation equipment, while managing maintenance and overhaul intervals.

Similarly, performance data, electronic alerts, inspections and fluid sampling can all be used to catch small problems quickly and early, making it possible to plan and schedule repairs before failure that will help avoid breakdowns and keep repair costs low. Proper equipment management helps maximize uptime and extend equipment life.

Remote Asset Monitoring App

The Cat Remote Asset Monitoring app for electric power systems provides 24/7 on-the-go equipment and fleet management. With the convenience of a mobile app, customers can remotely monitor, locate and manage generator sets, helping to control costs, reduce risk and improve business and system performance.

App features include visibility to:

  • Asset Location
  • Active Faults
  • Fuel Use
  • Last Reported Date
  • Hours
  • Fault History
  • Run History
  • Preventive Maintenance Module (PMM)
  • Quick Links to S•O•SSM and Cat Inspect

The Cat RAM app is available for download on a smartphone or tablet, with support for Apple iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Google Android devices. Click the button below to access the app information and download for your device.

Cat Connect and a Cat CWS login and password are required to begin using the app. If you need Cat Connect or a CWS login, contact us today.