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Does your business in Oklahoma, West Texas or the Texas Panhandle rely on bulldozers? If you want to acquire one of these powerful pushing machines quickly, the heavy equipment pros at the Warren CAT Rental Store are ready to help. Our dozer rentals can provide the fast, reliable solution you need.

Explore Our Cat Dozer Rental Selection

As an authorized Cat dealer, the Warren CAT Rental Store can supply your business with a high-performing dozer rental from Caterpillar you can count on for your most challenging job site tasks. These powerful machines deliver exceptional results for projects in industries ranging from construction and mining to agriculture and road maintenance. Use them to distribute ground materials, clear obstacles, move dirt and handle other essential jobs.

You'll find dozer rentals in multiple sizes and configurations to meet any job site challenge — choose from small, medium and large options. Attachments are also available to make your dozer more versatile and valuable at your job sites. Every machine in our fleet undergoes a rigorous multipoint inspection and receives regular maintenance from our service technicians, allowing you to rent with confidence.

Why Choose Us for a Dozer Rental?

The Warren CAT Rental Store is a full-service rental solutions provider that will do everything to optimize your customer experience. Our equipment experts will help you select the ideal dozer for your applications. We'll also assist you in setting up a flexible, affordable rental arrangement that fits your time frame and budget. You could even opt for a lease or rent-to-own agreement if you decide you want to keep the unit.

We understand that you often need to get a rental on the job quickly to keep a project on schedule. We've designed our streamlined rental process to save time and eliminate hassles.

Our service continues after the rental arrives at the job site. We provide timely on-site repair and maintenance to keep the dozer on the job and minimize unproductive downtime. You can also contact us for immediate assistance if you have questions about using the equipment effectively and safely.

What Are the Benefits of Renting a Dozer?

Companies that integrate rentals into their operating processes experience multiple benefits:

  • Enhance project results: Renting allows you to match equipment with specific or challenging applications. Using the right machine for the job improves performance.
  • Reduce costs: You won't need to pay for maintenance, repairs, storage and other expenses when you rent, contributing to a healthier bottom line.
  • Help prevent delays: Get dozers quickly when the need arises. Whether you're facing a sudden increase in demand or need to replace an unavailable machine, you can keep your jobs moving forward.
  • Guide purchasing decisions: If you're thinking of buying a dozer, you can start by renting it to ensure you're making a wise investment.

Contact Us for a Dozer Rental Quote

The next time you need a bulldozer for your business in Oklahoma, West Texas or the Texas Panhandle, reach out to your nearest Warren CAT location to find the right solution for your needs and budget. Call us at 866-292-7736 or request a fast quote online today.