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Remanufactured Cat® Parts for Sale in OK and TX

Remanufactured parts are an excellent way to save money without sacrificing dependability. Warren CAT offers a wide range of top-quality remanufactured parts and numerous options for both Cat Reman engines and Cat components. You’ll benefit from same-as-new performance and reliability at a fraction of new costs. Our remanufactured parts, engines and components enable us to get you back to work quickly. Get remanufactured Caterpillar parts in Oklahoma and West Texas from Warren CAT.


What Are Remanufactured Parts?

Remanufacturing is more than rebuilding. It involves returning parts, engines and components to their original performance specifications through state-of-the-art salvage techniques, strict reuse guidelines, advanced manufacturing systems and unequaled quality control. At Warren CAT, we make original performance restoration possible with Cat parts, engines and components rebuilt to provide high quality and reliability.

Benefits of Buying Cat Reman Parts

Aftermarket Cat parts provide many benefits for your operation. Here are a few top reasons to consider this option for machine parts:

  • Price: Preserve your company budget by getting parts up to 55% cheaper than new. You’ll keep your operations running while saving money on parts.
  • Warranty: Many Cat Reman parts come with a limited, same-as-new warranty. This warranty helps you protect your investment, giving you machines you can rely on to complete your work.
  • Quality: We use strict quality control measures and part testing procedures to ensure Reman parts meet the same standards as new parts, giving you confidence in every purchase.
  • Sustainability: By remanufacturing, we lower the use of raw materials and the energy needed to change raw materials to finished parts. This process also keeps quality parts from ending up in landfills.

Parts We Offer at Warren CAT

We offer more than 700 remanufactured parts for excavatorsloadersmotor graders and more, including:

  • Alternators/starters: Our remanufactured alternators and starters include new parts such as gaskets, seals, starter O-rings and boots.
  • Oil coolers: Cat Reman oil coolers feature new tube bundles and end sheets for maximum performance and reliability.
  • Turbochargers: Our remanufactured turbochargers include new thrust and anti-friction bearings, and we test center housings to ensure seal integrity.
  • Crankshafts: We use Magnaflux testing to detect cracks and precision-machine crankshaft journals to provide a quality surface finish, roundness and location tolerance.
  • Cylinder packs: We use only Cat Reman cylinder packs, ensuring your engine is overhauled using performance-matched, genuine Cat parts.
  • Unit injectors and fuel nozzles: We completely disassemble, clean and inspect every unit injector and fuel nozzle component, then test the reassembled product to ensure quality and reliability.
  • Water and oil pumps: Cat Reman water and oil pumps feature the latest design standards and include the total replacement of bearings and seals.
  • Fuel injection pumps and governor groups: Our remanufactured fuel injection pumps and governor groups are computer-tested based on 20 critical quality points to ensure they deliver peak performance and fuel economy.

How We Ensure Quality

All Cat Reman parts undergo a strict remanufacturing process to ensure quality you can rely on for any application. The Cat remanufacturing process follows these steps:

  1. Disassemble: When clients return cores, we send those equipment parts to a Cat Reman factory, where they get broken down into their smallest components and lose their original identity.
  2. Clean: Once each part is broken down, we remove even microscopic debris and inspect the components to ensure their quality before moving to the next stage.
  3. Remanufacture: The part undergoes salvage procedures like machining and metal deposition and gets reassembled into a new component matching the original part specifications with the latest updates.
  4. Test: Our remanufacturing team tests the part to ensure it functions the same as new Cat parts. After verifying the part meets quality standards, it is ready for use.

Beyond selling Cat Reman parts according to strict quality standards, Warren CAT also offers benefits like a service record of selling Cat equipment stretching back to 1971. We aim to put our clients’ needs first, so choose us as your preferred dealer for remanufactured parts and many other services. Our broad service area across West Texas and Oklahoma ensures you always have a team to turn to, no matter where your jobs take you.

Compatibility and Availability

On any given day, we have hundreds of remanufactured Cat parts in Oklahoma and West Texas. Our off-the-shelf availability means you will often find reman parts when you stop at your nearest Warren CAT location. Our expert technicians can find the right components using the provided part number and equipment type.

You can also use our online parts store, (PCC) to browse parts and find one meeting your specifications. Our reman parts are compatible with a wide variety of Cat equipment. Plus, PCC allows you to add your equipment type and find remanufactured parts that fit your machine.

Purchase Cat Reman Parts

When you seek a quality, cost-effective replacement parts solution, consider Cat Reman parts. These components meet our strict standards for new Cat parts and include a warranty for added protection. Warren CAT offers a wide variety of components, from oil coolers to aftermarket Cat engine parts in Oklahoma and West Texas.

Find a location near you to discover what we have in stock, or browse our selection online for a convenient way to get the parts you need.

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