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Dynamic Gas Blending (DGB) is a dual-fuel technology that allows existing Cat® diesel engines to burn natural gas, diesel fuel or a combination of the two. This revolutionary technology includes highly intuitive software which automatically adjusts the engine control to provide an optimal blend of natural gas and diesel fuel. A DGB engine begins as a pure diesel engine and injects natural gas as the inlet air temperature increases. As the natural gas is injected, the amount of diesel fuel being consumed decreases accordingly.

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The Benefits of DGB

A DGB engine can offer a wide variety of benefits for your company. It can:

  • Reduce fuel costs up to 70 percent, using more natural gas and less diesel fuel
  • Be flexible to use one or both fuel sources as needed
  • Automatically adjust engine operation as fuel supply quality and pressure conditions change
  • Meet emissions requirements and ensure compliance without sacrificing performance
  • Maintain diesel power and performance while burning natural gas
  • Maintain existing engine service intervals, prolonging engine component life
  • Reduce gas flaring through the consumption of dry gas

Warren CAT DGB Solutions for Your Company

DGB technology is ideally suited for the oil and gas, electric power, marine, railroad, and mining industries. Whether you need new engines already configured with DGB capabilities or want to retrofit your existing engines and generator sets, Warren CAT Power Systems is your expert source for dynamic gas blending applications. We can upgrade your current engine hardware with complete, fully-compatible DGB retrofit kits without requiring changes to core engine components.

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